ZOLL Heart Failure Management System


Defining An Effective Workflow For Integrating The ZOLL Heart Failure Management System Into Clinical Practice

Dr. Andrew Darlington, DO, FACC
Cardiology, Advanced Heart Failure and Transplantation
Piedmont Heart Institute

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ZOLL HFMS in a non-invasive, patch based device that uses novel radiofrequency technology for early detection of changes in pulmonary fluid levels, an increase in which is an early indicator of heart failure decompensation. Use of ZOLL Heart Failure Management System (HFMS) is associated with a 38% relative reduction in 90-day hospital readmission. 

Unlock the next level of pulmonary fluid management for your heart failure patients. Talk to your ZOLL Cardiac Management Solutions representative to learn more about how ZOLL HFMS fits into your practice.  

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